Monday, 25 October 2010

Pathetic Moaning Continues

I ache all over, and I'm shivering. Struggling to  stay awake. No interest in eating anything today. 9 in the evening and I'm going to drag my poor unco-operative body to bed, and hope tomorrow will be a better day.
Argh moan mope.
Moan mope argh.
Writing this is a triumph of the mind over the dumb insolence of the body.

Garghhhh! maybe I've got zombie-itis for halloween.
Not flu, can't be, I've been jabbed by a pointy needle against that.
Sleeping sickness? Malaria?

Wash hands after visiting blog, it might be contagious.


  1. The pointy needle is no guarantee
    Get well soon

  2. My uncle Jack had had.

    How I miss him......

  3. Thank you, well wishers, I have tooken your advice and gotten well soon.

    But.... Adullamite? What? "had had"? que?

    And Sheila? Man Flu? O cruel woman. How could you?
    I was truly desperately ill.
    Being a man, however, I was able to shrug off a bout of malaria/dengue fever/or otherwise a disease not yet fully recorded.... in 48 hours, yes, a malaise which in some populations would kill thousands, and I fought it off, bravely, apart from a little whimpering and moaning when the voices from the other end of the tunnel were calling upon me to let go, to relax, fall into the thundering torrent and be dashed upon the rocks toward the light.
    I survived.
    Oh, it's just a scratch.

  4. I hope it's not from that frozen supermarket pizza you ate. I'm guessing Adullamite meant "had that". He's a furriner and needs translating, you know. I do hope you get well, or at least can still type if you don't.


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