Saturday, 5 June 2010

Gromit Saves The Day

I don't do football, not at all. Even when the football is the world cup. Yes, I know you Americans call it "soccer"... (which is a contraction of  "Association Football), but I do enjoy the work of Aardman Animation, and I'd vote for Wallace and Gromit as best animated characters ever. Eat your heart out, Disney.
They've just made a new world cup themed commercial for NPower.


  1. OH I LOVE W and G :) I liked watching the clip about how they made that the were bunnies, or whatever it was titled, and the remarkable sculptor interviewed...

  2. we love wallace and gromit too! just hearing the music to it makes me smile. (i don't do football either. or soccer for that matter lol)

  3. OHHHHHHH! two youtubes i do! be still my W&G heart. sigh.

  4. Hmmm, they are nice. I still like that bear you turned me on to. "Bernard"
    2018 is a while off, but one thing I know about small business, they gotta get a jump ahead.

  5. YAY!
    So we all are agreed then?
    Wallace and Gromit are heroes!


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