Monday, 7 June 2010

A Day in the Yorkshire Dales

On Sunday, it being a somewhat rainy day, I was getting stir-crazy from too many hours spent at home, so I offered to take my mother (vintage 1921) out for a drive, and maybe lunch. Near to home, I struck off from the busier highways to forgotten routes...



This is the pack-horse bridge, across the little river Washburn, at Dob Park, just north of Otley. 
Pack-horse bridges are typically narrow, and their side walls are low so as not to catch the wide-slung panniers on the horse's back. The route was in use two thousand years ago,  but really became important with the trade in wool in the 14th/15th centuries. Neolithic stone-carvings can be found nearby, and it's alleged, locally, that ghostly roman soldiers can sometimes be seen wading across the ford. 
The bridge seen here was built in 1767.




  1. It looks absolutely lovely! Wish I were there.

  2. How beautiful! I love the Dales. I still can't get over the my american urge to velvet rope such historic treasures!! X to mum and XXXX to you!

    ps. next time I'm buying a one-way ticket .....;)

  3. I like that bridge.
    There's a good bridge, like that but a bit bigger, in Musselburgh near Edinburgh

  4. Nag: Even in the rain it is absolutely lovely.
    Wherever I travel, I never forget the beauty of the place I call home.

  5. Red Dirt Girl

    Away with your velvet ropery, that little bridge is there to be used, just... when you cross it, stop, close your eyes, and listen, hear the hooves, the snorting of those pack-ponies of yesteryear, carrying wool from the high dales, salt from Cheshire, fancy goods from ports where foreign ships dock.

  6. gz:
    I think I've been there when I was about five years old. I lost my teddy-bear in Edinburgh. I think he was kidnapped by bandits.


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