Thursday, 27 May 2010

A Few Survivors

These are amongst the few that didn't need the disastrous refiring.


  1. IMO (in my opinion)

    you are being too too harsh on yourself and your wares. so the colours did not live up to expectation - cardinal red looks pretty cardinal red to me. and i happen to like red. it's good. does it have depth and value ... well, maybe not. it's like the difference between using crayola crayons and DeWitt's inktensil pencils.

    Dust off the mortar and pestle and start a new glaze book. I'm hosting a Soubriquet Glaze Relief Fund - donations in glaze recipes.

    Untried potterish me still felt wonder and awe. Now where is my ginger beer ???


  2. The first one reminds me of a green apple (in a good way). I like the red too. If it were shiny (glossy) it would be like candy apple red.

  3. Well RDG, You had me with a laugh right at the start there. Some folks might have said IMHO!
    I have to be harsh on me, who else will?
    So, you're right, the cardinal red looks quite red, I agree, just not quite the red I had in mind. Depth, value, mystery? Nope, it's short on that. I get what you're saying, though. To the observer who had no preconceived expectations, It's not such an evil outcome.
    Now the Crayola idea is pretty neat, though most of my crayola pencils are green. Or green. Or green.
    As for De Witt's Inktensil pencils, they sound suspiciously like technical tools the likes of which I've never seen. I'll bet they're harder to use than Crayolas, and even harder to get out of the wallpaper.
    And you're right, the glazebook is dead, all hail the new glazebook, moping over the old one won't help, it's gone, man, gone.
    Recipes will be gladly received, but of course, they'll be different made with my materials...
    All those American recipes, calling for Gerstley Borate, EPK... we translate them into the stuff we have here.

    Ginger beer? Your ginger beer? I drank it. MMMMMMMMMMMM!


  4. Rita: Apple? careful, you'd break your teeth.
    The red's shiny-ish, I ran "candy-apple" through my translate-o-matic, and in this country it would be a toffee apple. Not red though.

  5. hm...i think that top one's a jewel, and i really like those mugs.
    i'm sorry about the ones you didn't post, and i hope there are more to see soon...!

  6. I think you are a bit much the perfectionist too. Not that I know anything about it. I like the stuff that survived, if that means anything.

    If you really do take a hammer to the others, save the shards and make a nice mosaic. You can do that with one hand while you have your pint.

  7. hi soubriquet, i love the vase in the first shot and that crazy red glaze. i'm with you on the hammerin' though. a few years ago when i first started my siblings would come to visit and leave with all my pots that i wouldn't dream of selling. i thought, what the hell, they're not gonna be hangin' with a crowd that would patronize me anyway. so i visited around thanksgiving a couple years later and we all went to my sister-in-law's sister's house for a get-together. it was a huge expensive house (he's a physician) and there they are, in a few different places... my not so hot pots from when i was putting in my time. the more i thought about it, i didn't know what upset me more... that a sibling gave them to them without me knowing or that they were fine with taking them and displaying them but not actually purchasing a pot from me. get me my hammer!

  8. Zoe: That's my favourite out of the firing.

    Max: Max: Would you publish writings you felt to be extremely sub-standard? that's, I think, the analogy that might get through to you. Tear, crumple, shred, burn, delete.... Or publish? with your REAL name on it?

    Jim: A kindred spirit! One who has hammered, and suffered the consequence of not hammering. I'm so grateful to you for reassuring me that hammering is the right way to go.
    That's a nasty story. And of course, it implies that these people like your failed pots better than your good ones. Sad.


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