Sunday, 3 January 2010

Site/visitor meters.

I have two, Site-meter, and activemeter. They didn't both start counting right at the beginning, but even accounting for that there's a big discrepancy between what they pick up.
Some people are completely invisible. I know they've been, and when, if they left a comment. But sometimes neither of the counters recorded a visitor at that time.
Now I'm not obsessive about it, honest...
The thing that interests me most, is a) referrers... Where did you come from, a sidebar link on somebody's blog? Google? where?
and b) Where in the world are you.
That's only approximate, of course, the info is where your isp's server is located.
Like this:

Grit in the Gears
By Details > Visit Detail
Visit 50,137

[<<]  [>>]
Domain Name

IP Address

xxxxxxxxx(I xx'd it to protect the innocent.)# (Frontier Communications)

Frontier Communications

North America
United States  (Facts)
New York
43.286, -77.6843 (Map)

English (U.S.)

Operating System

Linux UNIX

Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv: Gecko/2009090216 Ubuntu/8.04 (hardy) Firefox/3.0.14


version 1.5

1024 x 600
Color Depth
24 bits

Time of Visit

Jan 3 2010 11:49:46 pm
Last Page View

Jan 3 2010 11:50:39 pm
Visit Length

53 seconds
Page Views

Referring URL
Visit Entry Page
Visit Exit Page

Out Click

You're a linux user? I'd never have guessed.

Somehow I thought you might have a shiny mac....
Then again, I bet hmmmmm......
Grit in the Gears
This Week's Visits and Page Views
This Week's Visits and Page Views
Anyway, it having just ticked past midnight, and work at six in the morning, oh sadness, I'll just compare the two counters again, see what discrepancy they've amassed on an unusually busy page-hit day.
Sitemeter,     400 page views
Activemeter, 435 page views

Plus the uncounted invisibles...
So if anybody's got a better counter, I'd love to hear of it, G'night everybody....


  1. My poisons of choice are Extreme Tracking, Ice Rocket, and Shiny Stats.

    I have to admit that I have never done a stat by stat comparison, but I have noticed that the numbers are always a bit different.

    I have also recently added sitemeter, but it is too new to have anything much of interest to say.

    Not that I'm obsessive or another. . .

  2. Well, the site meter does provide some form of feedback, but unfortunately it's not the kind of hard feedback that you get when you recieve a comment though.

  3.'s kind of like fishing with a fish finder but all the fish are ignoring your bait.

  4. amazing stats, it's strange to see the way blogspot does it compared to me (wordpress) but i have to admit it seems and inaccurate appraisal. it wasn't until last week the they started adding views to the main url as opposed to views of specific posts to the daily list of tallied views. they counted them before but never listed them and they are at least double all the others combined. either way 50 grand is great


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