Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Down into the Dungeon...

Where I have a little store. The company chairman thinks this is a works-related store. Well, I do occasionally store a few tools or materials in here for work, but really its my stuff, that I've got no room for at home at the moment. Roll on the lottery win.

Oh. and images in this post are all over the place. It's because I did it using Picasa, and Blogger-in-draft, and I can't figure out how to edit the html to get them to do what i want them to do.

The basement...
And the store

I just accumulate stuff. It's not my fault. There's a v8 engine, a motorbike trailer, must get that ebayed.... Tools Tools Tools A Landrover hardtop and rear door, A landrover SWB roof-rack...

Pottery materials, oxides.

a roll of 1350 degree celsius rated fiberfrax

Kiln furniture

Cane Handles, the circuit board was part of a kiln vent control system a geek friend made for me.

Ceramics Review back issues and a Lewis Chess Set cast in resin and aged by mine own fair hands.

 Ah- look! A test piece for the house-portraiture in 2/3 scale, a landscape bowl with an island in the middle, a bisqued (in 1989) teapot...

there's some other stuff there, my ancient books and newspapers.

 This is "Acta Eruditorum", of February1684, the equivalent in its day, of Scientific American.
The book is in Latin, in those days the universal language of the learned, though the second paragraph is in Swedish.
I have about three or maybe four bound editions from the 1680s.
Its a long story. I saved these and some other books and papers from destruction.


  1. Oh dear. I see Mr. Nag has a British counterpart.

  2. erm.... well, there's the cellars where I live, and my mother's garage, and um, another store at work, and oh, a couple more vehicles to declare too, if I'm going to come clean about it.

  3. There's a brillaint A&E cable show called Hoarders about people who have a wee bit too many item laying about.

    Still I do like old books and the cermaics stuff.

  4. Not that your stuff isn't valuable...or useful. But Oh My! All that stuff brings back images of my old life, when I had lots & lots of stuff. I left it ALL behind & moved on.
    I notice though... I am becoming surrounded by stuff AGAIN! Some of us must be a stuff magnets.
    (Notice, I never used the word junk :)

  5. great pics of your treasure trove. it strikes me that these are necessities that you've accumulated. i love the jug on the floor amongst all the other stuff.

  6. Descartes, Yes, I'm a hoarder. I've seen pics of people who have tunnels through rooms filled with junk. It scares me, because (Brief break, sounds of weeping) because I could become one...

    Only difference is that of course, none of my stuff's junk. Honestly.

  7. Rita
    I'm sometimes tempted to flee, too.

    True story. Back a few years, I was called by some builders I knew. They'd got the job of repairing, and readying a house for sale, and they wanted me, with my locksmithing skills, to get them in, because there were no keys, but the doors were original, victorian...
    They reassured me, yes, it was perfectly legal, that a police officer and a council official would be present with papers granting access.
    >>fast forward >> The interior was just as it had been left, one morning in 1972. An unfinished jigsaw on the table, a cereal bowl. pots in the sink, unmade bed....
    There was so much retro-junk in there that I coveted!
    The guy who'd lived there, his wife had been having an affair, she moved out, took the kid.... He was distraught. so one morning, he had his breakfast, walked out the door, and never came back.
    20 plus years later, a salvation army volunteer was questioning a homeless man, in London... No, he said, I have a house, and a bank account, but I left them behind.

  8. Jim: Only a potter would have homed in on that jug. It's from my first spell of Isaac Buttonism, I made a load of jugs and big jars like that, trying to skim down my moves to the essentials, trying to do it as casually as old Isaac. Of course, I never achieved Isaacness, but i had fun trying, and they sold well. It's scary how much I remember.
    Russ, opposite me, putting handles on pots, Hannah, on my right, glazing... The clay was M.O.Knudsens grogged stoneware, very gritty, grey/brown. On the 8track... oh yes, the 8track! might have been Peter Tosh, or maybe Frank Zappa. Coffee machine bubbling away, deep snow out the window, up to the window edge.
    Reykjavik, 1980.


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