Sunday, 3 January 2010

50,000th visitor

The 50,000th visitor, as counted by Sitemeter, came along early today.
Something odd is happening though.
One post, with pictures of lighthouses, here  has been getting an avalanche of hits all from the same google-image referrer, and all of the hits come from isps in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

I can't imagine why everybody in the German-speaking world is suddenly google image searching lighthouses, and then clicking on the link to my blog.
If any of you are reading this page... please tell me how you got here, and why, because I can't figure it out. Currently, that page has been accessed 357 times today, which is 357 times more than in all of last week.

Hinweis weiterleiten
 Die von Ihnen besuchte Seite versucht, Sie an weiterzuleiten.

 Falls Sie diese Seite nicht besuchen möchten, können Sie zur vorherigen zurückkehren.

Now, I never learned german, but I think it says (roughly) The site you were trying to visit refers (transfers?) you to.. gritinthegears etc. If that isn't what you want, you can return to the previous page. Looks like a glitch in's image search Nothing I've done, anyway.


  1. Ah the mysteries of the web.

    We all have the random post that gets the odd swarm of hits. Just last week I wrote a post about that couple getting lost in Oregon by following their GPS-I got 2850 hits that day.

    It was fun to look at the stats the next day-Yesterday 2856, Today 65.

    The J-Walk blogs seems to get a lot of hits for Spinx cats, and his is not a blog about Spinx cats.

    Germans and lighthouses, hmmm. . .

  2. My ex-wife had that same picture hanging in our hallway....could be her new fella is German?

  3. Descartes, 2850! Ha. were you boing-boinged? Me, 65 a day's about right. Sitemeter says 75,000 ish so far, so 25,000 per annum= 68.5 per day.
    Activemeter's would be 45 per day.
    I wonder what other meters might say?

    Here in Britain we regularly get stories of (mostly) eastern european truckers getting 40 ton tractor/trailers stuck in tiny narrow lanes barely wide enough for a single car.
    Now you can buy GPS navigators for trucks, where you can set length, width, height, and weight, and those systems will route-plan for major roads, and will have data about narrow lanes, low bridges, weight restrictions etc.
    But your average Romanian truck driver, if he has a gps, will have the cheapest entry level device, with out of date mapping, and anyway, he's too busy watching a dvd, whilst driving.... And he can't speak english or read our road-signs anyway.

  4. Mac. Look for the likelier answer. Ikea.
    I first saw that pic in an room my friend furnished entirely out of Ikea. It was scary. The freshly separated lone male, with cash but no initiative. It looked as though he lived in a showroom.

    Only the food would have been better at the store's version of the room.

  5. No Boing Boing, but Bing liked it well enough to put it near the top of there results.

    I did hit the front page of Fark once and got 8400 hits in one day. If only I could figure out how to do it more than once.


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