Wednesday, 23 December 2009

"By Jove", cried Frank, "A Chance to Practise My Resuscitatin' Skills!"

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  1. "Great Scott, boys. She's in the right position"

  2. "Get back, boys, I saw her first!"

  3. The captain would be impressed, Frank's promotion seemed assured, when he apprehended the mystery table thief.

  4. Rita here:

    She: *sigh* The lengths I have to go to get a date.

    Me: *sigh* the lengths I have to go to get on this site.

  5. I finally figured it out. I just had to open the comment box in a new window. Ha!

  6. Rita: You're the first person to report that there's a problem, but that may mean that multiple others have had a problem and I don't know about it.
    Can you tell me more?
    I'm using firefox, I'll go look in Chrome and IE, but... in my version. if you open the post on its own, you automatically get a comment box at the bottom of the existing comments, just write in it and off you go....
    Underneath it, there are "comment as", "post comment", and "preview" boxes.

    I set it up like this because I didn't like the separate comment window that blogger uses as standard, I liked being able to scroll up to the post as it appears, with formatting and pictures, but it sounds as though it does not work that way for you.

    I'll fix it if i can figure out how.

  7. Well, for some reason (& your blog is not the only one, it's any blog with the same comment set-up), after I open the comment section I have to right click on the comment box & choose the option to open the frame in another window. Then I can post.
    I also use firefox, I don't think that is the issue. I'm just happy now I can comment unrestricted...Whee!


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