Sunday, 11 November 2007

Helium Horses Revisited.

Some of you may recall the announcement by Soubriquet Labs of the July launch of our lighter-than-air horses. Here's the link.
Well, the new, improved product is now available, in show and dressage form. Racing Helium-Horses are in the development stage:- We find that short spurts of jet-aided speed may at present lead to reduced buoyancy, and so we are retuning the DNA code to get a tighter and more calibrated sphincter.
You can enquire about advance ordering, and get on the list, however.
Here is a photograph of one of our show-horses.
We recommend rather heavier shoes than the example in the picture, however, in order to avoid the 'curled-up' stance.
Lighter shoes may lead to inverted flight.


  1. And may I ask, regarding these lighter than air horses of yours, how do you handle their erm, "eliminations". Are they too lighter than air or do they just go splat and land on the heads of people below? Please advise how you manage this technicality.

    Oh yes, and have a very, very Happy Birthday! :-)

  2. May your all your gears be well oiled today. Joyous birthing day, Soub. Live long and eat some cake.

  3. Wishing you a happy birthday!
    Sorry, I had no time for gift shopping but I will be hoisting a Guinness in your honor.
    BTW- I did manage to buy a lovely birthday cake so I'll make sure to finish that off for you as well.

    Hope you had a great day.

  4. Ensign Eyore, Esq.14 November 2007 at 16:39


  5. Vanillatyllah, the horses are trained to give their emanations neutral buoyancy. The erm
    matter in question is fibrous and traps gases.
    In this case, helium.

    Thanks, Minxy!

    Gewels, how did you know?
    I was imbibing of the Guinness myself today!

    Ensign Eeyore.. "Haw-hee hawwww!!!"


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