Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Thank You Everybody

It's the middle of the night, and I'n really too tired to type, but it has to be said, I've had a great birthday, and I've laughed a lot.
Red Dirt Girl set the ball rolling here.
How she came up with so many great photos amazes me.
Steve's boots were great,
Minx's cake,,,

Oh i can't keep my eyes open.
More tomorrow
But thank you, everybody,
I'll try do a round-up tomorrow

Thank You, I've been smiling all day.


  1. you are most generously welcome - i think we all needed an excuse to take a break and have fun ..... ohhh now for my awful headache - ouch!!!!


  2. Oh look, something else we have in common, November birthdays! Sorry I've not been by here. My excuse is either being at work or totally self absorbed for several months. Now that I'm lying about recovering from surgery I find I am dreaming of my job. Sad, really. My children and husband took me out for a hysterical drunken bowling and pool date on the 12th. I told my doctor the next morning at 6 am that I was a bit hungover for the surgery. He told me that was okay as he was too. I love my doctor. I wonder how he and his wife get along? Anyway, that's all about me, again. Glad you had a wonderful birthday.

  3. ok the cows have to go .... they are making a mess of the dirt here .... bellowing at all hours of the night, waking up suburban moms who need their beauty sleep ..... i'd suggest your vertical stack theory ....

    but.... I'M KEEPING ELVIS !!!!


  4. Ha! RDG, i told you not to drink the blue bottle.... cleaning fluid, you know.
    but hey, your breath burns with a clean flame!
    Spellbound, no excuse needed, I hope you are recovering well, and I hope your surgeon's hangover did not lead to too many false starts with sharp blades.
    I hope you had someting of a birthday too... mine is ongoing, more gifts arrived in the post today!!!!! YAYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!
    Sorry. Got carried away there
    lovely gifts... and books!
    oh books!
    I need a month or so on a quiet tropical island, to lounge around reading.
    RDG I love the cows, mooing beats traffic noise any day.
    Elvis says he's a bit cold here.

  5. SQT:

    Anyone who knows me, knows i do not drink - even from fetchingly blue bottles.... as for the breathing of flames ???

    Well of course I breathe fire: I'm a double dragon. It's what we do - naturally.

    Elvis says hi, by the way. He prefers our milder climate and drier air. He has a new friend Oscar who is showing him the ropes ha. Now, to get one of the children to do double pooper scooper duty .......



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