Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Something or other Shoeday.

A keen blogspot poet and fashionista started something she called 'Fantasy Shoe Day'
I started noticing bizarrities of shoe imagery on my wanderings within the web, and either posted links to her or set them up here.
She, however, for personal reasons stopped blogging, which was a loss to the rest of us, leaving me with a backlog of silly shoe pics....

And of course, I lose track of where I found them, the whys and wherefores.
Here are a few.
There might be more, sometime.

1 comment:

  1. i was going to make some pithy comment stating something like .... nothing new under the sun....or nothing new is created under the sun ...... but as usual for me: if it isn't on a yellow stickie stuck to my bathroom mirror - it definitely isn't sticking in my head !!

    oh, that was a digression ...... ummm..... can i have my photos back ??? i heard a shoe prison riot was brewing ....... might be a few escapees ..... i want to be armed and dangerous ....

    ps. love the wellies on the pup ..... and the boot climber ...... but what arethose spiky things on the back of the silver shoes ??? mmm.....send me about 2 dozen pair of those - - - -


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