Wednesday, 4 July 2007

On Not Posting.

Sometimes in my life, I've been a prolific writer. People told me I should write.
I do, constantly, in my head, as I go about my daily life.
But give me a keyboard, and I am often struck dumb. Not for me the discipline of a thousand words before lunchtime, every day. J.K.Rowling, you have nothing to fear from me.
I quite like the idea of inhabiting a lighthouse on an island, or some remote headland.
The Lighthouse at Cape Wrath, the northerlymost point of the Scottish Mainland rather appealed to me. What a beautiful place.
I'm not afraid of solitude, I don't need shopping malls and cinemas, and to be honest.... It might be a good idea to leave behind the broadband connection.
The computer is a great tool for eating up time, and allied to the World Wide Web, oh dear.... I get lost in there. I can wander for hours... Days even.
But Write? this blog was at first, a bit of an experiment, I wondered if it might stimulate me to creativity. So far, that has not often happened, instead, I use it, I think, as a scrapbook, where I place things which I like, things which amuse me, leave them here for you.
The mystery reader.
Some of the regular visitors I know, in a way, I read their blogs, wonder at their creativity, enjoy their stories.
Others come by strange routes.Search engines mostly. Some referrals from other blogs. And that intrigues me too.
Who is the person from Ulan Bator, Outer Mongolia, who keeps visiting? I wonder if it was because I posted music by Yat Kha, from Tuva?
Or some other link I don't know?
Well, for quite a while, I've not posted anything much, or not anything really requiring much of me. And I'm really busy, and a bad organiser, so I might as well post a few things tonight, in the spirit of..... of.... of?
See, I really still don't have any idea what all this is about. Feel free to enlighten me if you know.

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  1. I, for one, hope you keep on posting; a visit here is a real dip into the lucky bag.


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