Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Helium Horses Now Available!

Soubriquet Labs is happy to announce that the new lightweight horses are now available.
We recommend the carrying of sandbags and water-ballast during all long distance rides. Customers are warned against riding over water without wearing suitable flotation aids, as any outbursts of equine flatulence can result in a sudden loss of altitude.

1 comment:

  1. WOW ...... i mean this was a prolific outpouring of creativity ..... there is so much here to go back and marvel at, ponder ..... though i think we all might miss you if you headed off to your lighthouse ...... maybe just on the weekends ??

    ok - the horse ...... the kids have been trying to teach me all the latest 'acronyms' - text talk - i still can't get them straight. but here is my pathetic attempt at hipster speak:

    LMAOWFOTF ....... get it ? mmm....maybe it wasn't supposed to be that long ..... well, it starts out 'laughing my a.. off ' and ends with 'on the floor' ......

    i know someone is going to come along here and make a joke about helium gas and flatulence ...... it just can't be me. i'm not good with punch lines .......

    now - back to marveling at your marvels.......


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