Sunday, 4 March 2007

Top Gear

Top Gear is a British (BBC) motoring programme.
The presenters do all sorts of crazy things.......
Like going to Alabama, and baiting rednecks. If you drive a pickup, live in Alabama, and think all brits are commie faggots, maybe you'd better not watch this.......


  1. A scholastic, savy achievement highlights the anthropological metamorphosis of Alabamians who have begun mating with vegetables.

    An intoxicating ride through fear, courage, rednecks and rocks.....highspeed chases and camera blackouts.....a tour de force..... where bible busting pulpits claim: Hell is hotter than here......

    Where and when can I catch the next episode?

  2. I'll post the full, nutty hour long show....which explains why they're driving cars far past their best days....and why James May complains about Hammond running into him...and roadkill....

    Tonight. If I get time.


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