Friday, 2 March 2007

Backkom Bear Again


  1. I'm really beginning to have feelings for this bear.......first his balloon bursts......then he gets overpowered by a runaway treadmill.........and here - a testy alien star thingy slaps the poor dear into submission........

    Darling Backkom, do not take this sort of abuse any longer!! Please! Stand up and be a man-bear! or at least find a safe house.....

    yours truly.......

  2. yes the Bear is very likkable and makes me think of know "Something has happened to Oly" Oly

  3. Bakkom Bear is the epitome of unlucky bearness.
    But he does fight back, with growls and claws, he's no passive victim.

    Steve.... Oly? who?
    I must go googling, or goo goggling...Oly....?

  4. sorry Souby, if I had more time I'd be more help- try 'Sven and oly"-norwegian series of jokes where Oly ismuch like your bear- many of them start with the line 'Someting has happpened to Oly ' and from there the joke begins... Cheers!


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