Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Removed Content

Video Removed, Content reported to be in violation of terms of use.
  1. First point. Who reported it to be in violation? Might be someone who is simply malicious?
  2. Is there evidence that the objector has any rights over the content. or evidence of a breach?
  3. Terms of Use? Search Blogger Help. Terms of Use. No. There are none. Terms of service, yes. Terms of Use no. How is the post in violation of non-existent terms?
  4. This was a linked video, from a site which freely posts html code to embed their player in a blog. The video is still there on that site. Slightly curtailed, but there
  5. Also on the site where I first found it.
  6. Also at youtube.
  7. So. If I committed a violation of the non-existent terms, please have the decency to explain what the term was, and what the violation was, and it would be nice to know who objected, and why.


  1. This is insanity.........must be the Snails of the World United Union...objecting in some strange fashion....or maybe the Catapillars Coalition - yep, bet it was showed them in a very bad light.....if I were a bunchy catapillar.......I'd be complaining too.......but I'm not......just a word loving cat.....found the video to be quite tasteful (and tasty!) meow...


    are they blods? glogs?


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