Saturday, 27 January 2007

This Site Does NOT Condone Violence Against Gnomes

Despite provocative behavior by some Gnomes, led no doubt by Bjorn Tealeavery, in response to an earlier post, I must say this site does not and will not support violence against gnomes.
To do so would be to descend to their level.
So I deplore the perpetrators of the Gnomesville Massacre, against the Gnome populace near Dardanup, Western Australia, which lists Gnomesville as one of its no-doubt many cultural attractions.
I quote "The population of Gnomesville has grown from a handful of statues placed covertly in the forest a few years ago, making it a popular stop off for tour buses visiting nearby vineyards.
It's being called the "Gnomesville Massacre" and emergency workers in Western Australia are offering a reward for the capture of vandals who smashed their way through a local tourist attraction.
An unknown number of attackers lopped off the heads or smashed several dozen of the pot-bellied statues this week at Gnomesville, a collection of more than a 1,000 colorful characters deep in a forest south of Perth.
"We are incensed by the damage done to the gnomes and willing to pay a reward to catch the culprits," State Emergency Service Volunteer Association President Phillip Petersen told Reuters.
Six orange-colored gnomes depicting emergency workers were among those destroyed, Petersen said, adding the reward was A$500 ($390) Remember, readers, most gnomes are moderate, and are no threat to humans. And over the millennia they have successfully kept their dissident hotheads under control.
Stay away from Gnomesville, don't travel in the region at night, keep your doors locked. Report any suspicious activity to the police. If you know who might have done this, call the police."


  1. I had no idea that gnomeophobia was so severely widespread.

  2. You know I'm took me a minute to realize that there was actually a head stuck to the ass.........oops!!!!! is that considered gnomeophobic??????? never know in this politically correct world.........


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