Thursday, 15 August 2013

Soubriquet is in London

...For a very important reason. Need to be up  early and out of the hotel, got an appointment at 9 for my U.S. K1 Fiancé Visa Medical Examination!

More info coming soon. Keep your fingers crossed. I have painted my wooden leg a cheerful flesh-like colour, It's doubtful they'll notice. And I polished the glass eye. The right one and the left one too.

Wish me luck.


  1. I've got everything crossed for you, Soub...I've even instructed my two furry rascals to do similar! I hope it all goes through quickly without any hiccups.

    Do don't need to see where you're where you're have a very clear purpose in mind...the path is clear!! ;)

  2. Let me understand this correctly. The most obese and unhealthy country in the world - the one who lets hoards from third world countries stream across it's border night and day, completely unscrutinized - requires the three or four legitimate immigrants to get a physical examination in order to get a visa? Do I have that right?

  3. Hell, they used to just write a large number in chalk on the back of your coat at Ellis Island if you weren't coughing up blood...

  4. Hope that went well.
    The wooden leg is just a matter of a pinion (geddit?)

  5. What I don't understand is the fact that immigration has let Soub into America numerous times on his travel visa without ever requiring a medical exam first ...... EGADS!! Think of all the infectious diseases he might have transmitted into our fair country ..... HORRORS!


    ps. Adullamite - I believe it went well. Routine stuff. All the boxes ticked. Paperwork should be at the Embassy by mid-week. Last step: the dreaded Visa Interview at the Embassy. Keeping everything crossed at the moment: fingers, toes, legs, eyes .....

  6. I'm now on a train heading north out of London Kings Cross.
    My train down was cancelled, I had to divert to another station to pick up another London express. I have a heap of photos, I've checked out a hotel and walking time thence to the U.S. embassy, I've prepared as welll as I can.....
    Expect a post and proper commenmy bookt replies.
    Can't really do it on the train....
    Will have a coffee and read, I paid the extra for first class, so my meal is on it's way, I have a one- person extra big comfortable seat and am plugged into wifi and usb charging, they've just announced we're catching up on the timetable by pedalling harder. Well, not the elitist snob first class passengers, of course, but I understand women and children are being shackled to the pedalling benches in steerage class, right this minute.
    Bless 'em. Peasants, of course, they don't feel fatigue, you know, it's been scientifically proved that they actually enjoy the whipping. It gives them a feeling of purpose.


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