Sunday, 14 July 2013

Stupid Drivers.


I built these planters about four years ago. This one, in particular, keeps getting bashed, and this week someone really whacked it.
Not exactly invisible, with a silver-birch tree rising to about 8' above the gravel. I'd like to whack the person who did this about the head with a length of 4X2.
I've put it back together with several big steel bolts through the corners, tougher than the original coach-screws. But what I'd really like to do is to stick big steel tyre-ripper spikes in the ends. The company chairman says no. Can I put a microswitch in, that sets off a loud screaming?
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  1. I'll give you a hand, if you like! I can understand your anger and frustration! I feel exactly the same way; and would want to do exactly what you want to do!!

    I can't stand idiots!!!!

  2. The micro switch which screams "I've been hit, oh I've been hit!" loudly would be good.


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