Friday, 3 May 2013

So, When You're Not Demolishing Things, What Do You Do?

This is what those wooden stairs were resting on.
Moth-eaten steels.

Here we have an old industrial building. Pretty much nothing has been done to this space since the 1970s, the last tenant was a screenprinter. He's moved out, to a smaller unit (this one is about three times the size that you see here).
So what do I do? Well, a bit of everything, to change that space into....


Last jobs today before handing over were fitting the blinds and assembling furniture. 

A 'Windows' theme?

 Meeting room.

Office kitchen

 Psychedelia from my Google Nexus 4 phone-camera.... I'm still figuring out the 3D Panorama stuff.

Yes, I'll get tired of it, but I only discovered the spherical imaging ability today.
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  1. You've been, and are a busy lad! Time to relax now...the weekend is here (or nigh, in your case)!

    1. Slept through much of saturday, read a couple of books, drank tea....
      Well, I have a three-day weekend, as we get a may-day holiday, the first monday after the first of may. Not really sure why, as truly die-hard pagans do all sorts of strange ritual stuff, (often involving drunkenness) on the real mayday, which falls on and only on the actual first of may...
      Anyway, it seemed a good excuse for taking today as a sacred day of indolence.

  2. Yes but what did you do the next day?

    1. I was thinking of re-aligning the planets.

    2. Hmmm Good idea. Brining Mars closer could save NASA billions.

  3. YOU HAVE MOTHS THAT EAT STEEL AROUND THERE? Whoa, life really is tough in northern England, and that could sure explain why ScotsMEN are so cranky by nature. I mean, come on, the only shred of dignity they could possibly hold onto would be having a steel cup to wear under their kilts.

    1. We have the Sheffield moth here. (Sheffield being the steel-town here, much as Birmingham (Alabama) is in the U.S.)
      The Sheffield moth never sleeps, those nasty holed pieces of steel date from 1923, and were probably regularly painted, once upon a time, but not in living memory. Back ion the old days, you'd have ordered some whining apprentice into the cramped hole beneath the stairs, told him to quit his complaining and be grateful he had a job, and set him to rust-chipping and then painting with some sort of lead-rich, toxic paint.
      In more recent times, it's hard to persuade management to release funds for preventative maintenance.
      And there are no apprentices either.
      Scotsmen are proud of wearing nothing beneath the kilt. Any dignity they have is illusory. And besides, they're afraid of moths.

    2. Did someone mention moths......?

  4. Totally dizzy after those panoramic photos :D


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