Monday, 13 May 2013

Old Cars, and Texas Junk

Cruising around San Antonio, I spotted this black beauty lurking in a backyard.

And down a quiet street by the railroad tracks...

Sixties cruiser mates with pick-up truck? The Fonz would love this.With the motorbike in the back, it looked as though Steve McQueen was in town. Just the thing for a movie bank-heist.

While I was photographing, the car alarm woke up. He made it quite clear, unambiguously, that he'd be happy to tear my throat out if I just came a little closer. I asked him to smile for the camera...

On an elsewhere...
We found a store that had us both in rapture. Yes, she loves this stuff as much as I do. 

The sad thing was, that it was closed, dammit!

So I had to lean over the fence

Peer through windows,

Pick over the treasure on the porch,

I felt almost unhinged!

Look! An antivibration coupling from the Convair airborne nuclear reactor of 1967....
Or maybe something more prosaic. I liked it anyway.

Look, a cast-iron thingummy

It was a treasure trove inside. Or so it seemed, through the windows.
The store, well, I lost the bit of paper with its name, was in New Braunfels (just east of San Antonio), on the side of the railroad tracks just opposite the old firehouse.

A shed built like a sculpture.

The firehouse museum was closed too.

Hooray for windows.

The trains were asleep.

So was the biggest, meanest disk-cutter I've ever seen. When I need to cut into stone, I use a 24cc machine with a two-stroke motor and a 14" blade. This thing would seriously up my game.

Phew. I was getting a bit excited there, thought I'd better backpedal a bit. Finish up with some lush greenery. This is why texans wear those cowhide chaps, I think. Well, maybe this is why texas longhorns wear cowhide too. 
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  1. Love that hinge. We stayed in a restored hotel in Pittsburgh that had wonderful hinges on the doors. I might post a photo on my blog.

  2. Junkology, New Braunfels -

    Look! There's me impersonating Vanna White for the camera. Funny because I never paint my fingernails. But I did for your visit - I was feeling especially girly.
    I admit I came close to walking away with the hinge, unpaid.
    Your upstanding and righteous character kept me from following my unlawful straying urge.
    Thanks for reining me in.
    I think ...


  3. Delightful account! Alas, I am also drawn to what most do not consider treasure, but my wife really is into trash.

  4. There used to be a wonderful big junkyard up here on the mountain when I first came here...but after a few years the owner passed away; the property and all that was in it was sold etc. It was such a fun place to wander around.

  5. I want to visit that junkyard. Proper shops with things you not only want but actually need, like that bit of nuclear reactor.

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    I don't like having to do that, but spammers and fake commenters are the vermin of the internet.
    I take it you don't announce proudly what you do?

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