Monday, 3 December 2012

Monday's Muzik

Unless you live under a rock, I'll warrant you can not have avoided the rocket-like rise to global celebrity of South Korean pop star Psy.

But I'll bet few of you have heard of Berkeley, California-based Korean band Ra-On?

By the magic of the interblogs, I can remedy that.  They play Psy's hit song. But differently.


  1. That was pleasant enough; and listenable...but Psy's version created so much fun and happiness throughout the world...and that's what is unique about it.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I can proudly say I live under a rock and have absolutely NO IDEA who Psy is, what he's done, or have partaken of this global fun and happiness. I might, however, listen to your video here .... xxx

  3. Yeah, what Adullamite says, but I do like the one with Obama on it.

  4. I think this crazy world we live in needs a bit of fun and if something like the Psy music track/video and performances have made people happy, I can't see anything wrong with that.

    There's enough gloom and doom surrounding us every day, no matter where in the world we live...surely we can relax some and enjoy a bit of innocent silliness...if only for a brief moment!

  5. While I seldom can resist the urge to comment on Korean music posts, I'll put this one on the shelf to savor later.

  6. Argh. You're all curmudgeons. I bet you suck a lemon every morning to get your faces properly puckered.
    Whereas me? I'm an everyday ray of sunshine.

  7. Okay. I'll downgrade the "all" to...Adullamite, Bulletholes, and Max.


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