Friday, 30 November 2012

Friday's Poem.

 Eve Speaks:

Once I was in Eden and walked, blithely,
out of it.
How was I to know?
There seemed another Eden,
just next door. It looked familiar,
and I was tired of the new.
All day he strolled around with his name tags.
Glitter turned specific, but I craved
the blobbiness of things,
the inexact borders,
the possibility that this could also be

that. Of course I was an idiot. I'd run back
now, if I could, bear his painless
children, even call the girl If Only,
the boy, I Told You So.
Instead of living in this okay crowded world,
I'd make all my mistakes in Paradise.
Is that possible?
Is it?
I didn't even see the gate.
Then the gate closed.

Jan Heller Levi


  1. I like this one. I know exactly how Eve feels. The distraction of what's happening next door, across the street - hey what's going on over in that crowd?? It was merely curiosity and why should we women be vilified simply because we wanted to know what was beyond that gate? Did He not also make us in His image??

    Hindsight is 20/20 - but oh how beautifully Ms. Levi has expressed it!


    1. He made you out of a rib and placed you in Texas. Yours is to barbecue. :)

      Forget the gate...

    2. Hahahaaaaa ......

      Oil and a divorce banished me to Texas. Where the hell is the gate ???


  2. Sometimes an open gate is difficult to ignore...but always be aware that there may be a growling, angry dog beyond!

    And I doubt the grass is ever greener over there...they've received as much or a less rain as you have! ;)

    Curiosity is a curious thing.

  3. Curiosity killed the cat.
    Served it right!


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