Thursday, 6 September 2012

Recent Work Activities.

Repurposing space in an 1860's weaving mill. The brackets on the ceiling were installed in, I think, the 1960s, to strengthen and stiffen the great timber beams which support each floor, when new, heavier machinery was being installed.

Each iron pillar, in the centre of the room, supports two beams, which span to the outer walls. In the squared tops of the pillars, there are slots, which, long ago, held brackets which supported rotating shafts the full length of the mill (about three times the length of this room). The shafts, in turn, supported numerous pulleys, which turned long leather belts, to pulleys which powered the looms.

New walls, new windows, new heating, new kitchen area, water supply, electrical distribution boards, lights, power sockets....
Busy busy busy, hurry scurry...
Windows are in, walls up, it's coming along.

I try to be neat and tidy, even though these pipes will be hidden.

The big red pipe's there to stay, it's part of the automatic fire sprinkler system, shifting it would be a major job in itself.

Completion by the end of the month? What? A week earlier?

They're moving in.

Transformed, and tranquil.
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  1. Show us a picture of the murals when completed !!



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