Thursday, 6 September 2012

Next Project...


The gable wall has been moving outwards.

The disused toilet block is pulling it outwards.

The floor is dropping away from the wall.

In both of them.

The wall's been damp, and the timber purlin is rotten, just where it should be strong, tying the wall and the roof together.

The steel's pulled out by an inch.

See that iron bar, holding the bricks?

And this is what's pulling the wall outwards.
Scaffolding coming tomorrow,
We'll probably go with Plan B.
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  1. Jings! Still, just two days work for you.

  2. People were prepared to use those toilets? People were prepared to walk underneath?

  3. RDG: Not so tricky at all. 'One hand for the ship, one hand for yourself'.

    Adullamite: Well, I came up with the plan, but we'll use hired hands for much of it. I've been busy cutting out steelwork, pipes, electrics etc. The structure will be taken apart brick by brick, carried to the edge of the scaffolding, and put in the big green-machine's bucket, all this done QUIETLY! to spare the office-folk below.

    A:I've used them in the past. As for underneath, there's a roof, with a dance-studio below. They're not quite as dramatic as the 'long-drop' in the outer wall of Skipton Castle.(

    I'll bet that when they were built, they were the bees-knees, for all the top-floor workers. They were the first toilets on that floor, about 1910.
    Prior to that, you had a long way to go for a wee, and about thirty women worked up there.


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