Saturday, 18 August 2012

Unintentional Sculptures

One of the many  interesting places I visit at work, on a regular basis, is a warehouse where casting forms are made and stored. Most of these pieces are used to make the foundry moulds for cast-iron pumps and turbines. The people who work there are just ordinary working men. They take the plans from the designers and turn them into three-dimensional forms of the spaces outside a cast-iron part.
And in doing so, they create what to me are artworks to rival any sculptures I've seen in a gallery.
I walk in here, and I imagine just one of these pieces displayed at the centre of an upmarket gallery, spotlit, with people standing around, drinking wine, and discussing the allegorical nature of the artist's message.

I like the ancient look of this, and the form appeals to my potter's heart.

These pieces always make me think of the works of Eduardo Paolozzi.

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