Thursday, 16 August 2012

Big Houses? 'Gated communities?' It's Nothing New.

View from the village.
And the reciprocal view. Just a cannon-shot away, if  the neighbours annoy you.

 An invader's view from the beach.

A long way to lug all your siege equipment, and not exactly easy going with the heavy stuff.
And when you get closer, after all that trudging through the dunes, you find it's all uphill from here

You might just want to stop, sit down, and rethink the whole invasion thing at this point.
I mean, how heavy is a cannonball? And how many have you brought? Need to go back to the ships for a few more?

(This post is an interim one. I did manage a successful invasion, and took photographs, but it's ten-thirty at night and I'm running out of steam.)


  1. Ummm.... no photos ??? but the captions are really funny, and I'm having a good time 'imagining' what the photo must look like ...


    1. A collaborative effort with RDG live editing in her boudoir whilst Soubriquet travels to work. Oh the thrills of modern technological communication.

      On Soubriquet's behalf, haiku:

      Over the sand dune,
      Postman hauling heavy load.
      Quicksand, pictures lost.

      Alarm clock shrilling.
      Sleep rumpled Soubriquet wends
      weary way to work.

      Through the night aether
      Transatlantic RDG
      Greets loved one at dawn.

      Some haiku masters
      strike fear in little doggies
      wrapped in red blankies ...

      Happy hAIkuing ....

  2. Replies
    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Soub will return with
      red footprints and dogs howling
      Puppies are silenced

      Soub via xxx

    3. I could do much better too if I had a real poet writing my stuff. Bring him out in the open. Out of his castle keep.

      Great pictures, Soub. I can't believe how many castles are still standing.

      Cannonballs heavy
      Max brought more'n enough fer sure
      Collapsing boudoir

  3. Blanketied doggies


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