Saturday, 26 May 2012

Somewhere for Red Dirt Girl to Keep Her Portmanteau Words

My very special friend, Red Dirt Girl loves words, and she's recently acquired a truck-load of fresh ones.

I worried about how she'd keep them all organised and to hand for use in her craft as a writer, thinker, philosopher, POET.

Poets need their words to be well kept and carefully nurtured. No mess. To a poet, words are precision tools, honed and edged. You just can't keep precision words in a jumble on the floor. You need something better. Organised. Protected. Secure.  Leather bound, brass latched storage for a lady wordsmith.   Portmanteaux for safe carriage.
 This is for her.
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  1. "Portmanteaus" You mean "cases?" "Bags?"

    1. That, you troglodyte, is why poetry is lost to you, why you think watching muddy oafs chase a ball is a cultural activity. cases, bags, pffft!

      Whereas a portmanteau is redolent of travel, of history, of mysterious people on stagecoaches, or well-dressed folk embarking on the sort of train where Agatha Christie would set a dozen murders. These folk don't have bags and cases, they have portmanteaux, valises, steamer-trunks, their luggage unfolds to create a desk whilst they're on safari...

      Mr Pickwick had a portmanteau.

    2. Oh myyyy - i LOVE this. Build me the shelves sweetheart and help me hunt down old valises, steamer trunks .... and those safari desks - I've lusted for one for years!! My favorite part - portmanteau! I had a short-lived blog entitled The Red Portmanteau ... surprised i never shared it with you. Only a handful of posts. I was having fun making up new words with new definitions by combining existing words.

      Adullamite ~ tsk. tsk. to you! How can you not love words ??? Bags? Really?


  2. "Portmanteau."

    Definition of 'portmanteau' appears to be 'Big case, used by lower upper class to murder people on overpriced railway trains, in Europe.'


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