Saturday, 26 May 2012

A Sad Blow For Penguinedom

82 days ago, a daring Humboldt Penguin, identified only by his jail number, 'penguin337', broke out of Tokyo Zoo, scaling a 13 foot (4 metre) wall, and cutting through a barbed-wire fence. Despite determined pursuit, he made it through the Tokyo streets, stopping only to disguise himself and eat out at a sushi bar. The alarm was raised when , after a few rice-wines too many, he got into the karaoke...

A hue-and-cry was raised, but the fugitive made it to the water's edge and got clean away. A few sightings were made as for a couple of months he cruised Tokyo bay,  like a native.  A few times, authorities tried to net him, the Coastguard almost managed it, before he gave them the slip, flipped them the bird, and wrapped their net around their own propellor.

Today, however, I have sad news. Recaptured. Shackled. Tagged. The penguin's freedom is over. Some stinking stool-pigeon gave up his whereabouts. Now he's back in captivity.

But with tales to tell. Guys, it's possible.
False i.d., civilian clothes, c'mon....

Mass Breakout!

n.b.:- It is just possible a few features of this story may have been a little um, distorted, for 'editorial reasons'.

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  1. I love this post about the renegade penguin! xxx


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