Thursday, 3 May 2012

"Modest Attire for the Feet"

Them Texians take their footwear seriously. 

Or frivolously, I never can be sure. 

The Red Dirt Girl was rather taken with these technicolor cowgirl rain-boots.
I was all ready to buy her a pair. (It was almost her birthday).

But hey, she's a girl, she couldn't decide.


 Maybe these?
Well no. She confessed she couldn't really see herself wearing them.

Like I couldn't see myself wearing any of these.... Themes from "Bonanza" and "Rawhide!"  were running through my mind.

Only us, er, 'more mature' folk, will remember these guys.

And last but not least, a collection of Gil Elvgren cowgirl pin-ups!

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  1. I do love those boots - ALL of them. Remember the first pair I looked at with all the cut out scroll work in two different leathers?? Sigh ... The problem is that these boots are made for flashin' - not to be hidden beneath a pair of jeans which is my usual attire if I'm not at work.

    What I REALLY wanted was to steal those cowgirl pin-ups ;)

    I loved Rawhide as a young girl - all those manly cowboys, soooo romantic. I often sing the theme song (poorly) to my dogs (keep those doggies rollin'...) No wonder they are neurotic messes. Hahahaha.



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