Saturday, 14 January 2012

Finding You, for K.

Some years ago, I found this poem in a book in a library, I was not a member of that library, I could not borrow the book,  but I wanted to share that poem, so I clicked a furtive photograph. Alas, I forgot to write the name of the poet... 
I can't give credit for these words. I wish I could. In fact, until I found the original picture, I'd even forgotten that I found it in a library, I'd thought I'd found it framed on the wall in a hospital. 
If anybody knows who the poet is, I'd be grateful to hear. Google doesn't have a clue.
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  1. It is so beautiful and poignant

    keep looking!

  2. done it on google +, will try elsewhere too

  3. GZ posted it on Farcebook... and to me, it rings a bell. I have definitely read it before... but where? When? by whom?

    You have another ally in your search, as it is beautiful and so poignant, especially right now, for me... Thank you gor finding it!


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