Friday, 23 December 2011

Yorkshire's Clouds of the Day, Thursday 22nd December

  A better pic than I could get, of clouds over the windfarm at Oxenhope Moor

This one's not mine, it's off the BBC Leeds Weather Site,
where other pics of these unusual lenticular clouds can be seen.

This one's taken from my place of work.

As is this.

 Pretty, Huh?


  1. I love watching clouds like that. Great stuff!

  2. That is amazing! How rare are these types of clouds? They looked like they could be photoshopped, so I did some googling and found this:

    You were really in the middle of something cool last week, then! :-)

  3. Adullamite: Me too. Taking pleasure in simple things.

    Holly: You're the person with the most excellent picture blog I was reading earlier today, I tracked back through quite a few posts, you combine good pictures with interesting narrative, and I was a bit jealous. What a fantastic family holiday, what a great experience for your kids, and your descriptions of interactions with local people... I'd never tought of Jordan as a destination before.
    (I visited Israel way back, too rapidly, I was a teenager, 1972)
    I'm flattered that even for a moment you might think I could photoshop a fancy cloud, ha, my photoshop skills would be given a fail grade by a kindergarten teacher!

    They were really cool clouds. If I was a more dedicated blogographer, I'd have chased north, to photograph them with prettier backdrops a little later, but instead, I just went home via humdrum grocery shopping.

  4. Holly. Your url link in the comment header is dyslexic. (

    Correct one, for anyone interested in a cool blog is


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