Monday, 19 September 2011

Donkeys on the Beach at Whitby

And a Land-Rover ice-cream van!
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  1. Okay, I embiggened it, and I'm STILL not convinced those are donkeys on the beach at Whitby. I think this is another one of your fabrications that you're trying to get me to believe: donkeys in England....righttt ... I know of only ONE. Those are ponies. Did you get rum raisin from the ice cream van?


  2. Oh Lord, please spare me from false witnesses ....


  3. Hey donkeys! I wanna be there!
    The ponies are nice too.

  4. RDG:They ARE donkeys. Pshaw. I know you don't believe we have donkeys on our beaches. But we do. And ice-cream vans don't sell rum and raisin. Why? Well I don't know, they just don't.
    But you can get a double 99 cone with kali.

    No? never mind, I know it's a different language.

    Max: Good memory. better than some I could think of...

    Adullamite: Stop that. She's deluded, ponies indeed, don't you be encouraging her.


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