Friday, 12 August 2011

The Jello Rows of Texas

Plus bonus video on St George and the Dragon, "Dragnet" style:


  1. The Yellow Rose of Texas won't play for me and YouTube keeps crashing my computer - ARGHHHHH! And you ask me why I hate YouTube so much. St. George was funny. I like the knave being picked up for stealing tarts ...


  2. :D
    Apparently I used to hum along with YRT when I was little!

    Good to hear St.George again, I like the animation with it, it was done well

  3. RDG:There's nothing wrong with youtube.

    How many times do I have to say that? It's just that you're using a mac, which isn't as invincible as apple would like you to believe.

    Nobody else has a problem, do they?
    As for that knave's relationship with the tarts......

    gz: We had a heap of silly 78rpm records. YRT was one, with the banana boat song on the other side.
    Then there was Silvester the cat and Tweety-pie.....
    "I am that great big bad old cat, Silvester is my name...."


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