Friday, 12 August 2011

After the new School Meals,

...with the district switching to a 'lighter' diet, Esmeralda's flatulence began to give cause for concern.

 P.S. Why is it that so many 'sculptors' are unable to model a human face? I mean, it would be a 'B' art best as high school work....  grouch grouch mumble...


  1. I thought it was a touching tribute to the new breed of helium children... light on their feet they are!


  2. Helium children? Caused by a rare genetic mutation, no doubt. I bought Donald a helium filled baloon at WalMart and the self-checkout machine told me to "please place the item on the scale." At least it said please.

    Glad you kids got to have some fun together!


  3. RDG: Windy, I'd say!XXXX

    Dave: That story ought to have a picture... Most of the helium balloons I see are trapped way up high because kids forget to keep hold....


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