Saturday, 11 December 2010

We Had a Break-In

Into an empty office, from adjoining premises. They cut a steel grille, smashed the double-glazed window. The windows are tinted obscured glass, you can't see in.
The office was unoccupied, and nothing was stolen.

What they missed was the carpet. It's value, according to auctioneers who sold some furniture from those offices, is over £1200. About $1900.
We've moved it out of there now.

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  1. I've always thought that anything with bars on the windows and doors would be worth breaking into if I were a thief. Why would anyone put bars on the windows if they weren't protecting valuables? Such is the mindset of the thief, one postulates. If a thief thinks at all they usually outthink themselves. (For example, I can't remember ever seeing bars on bank windows.)

    The only other buildings that have bars on their windows are places that want to keep things from getting out, like lions and thieves.

    I recommend you post a sign for the thieves that can read: "Yorkshire Wildlife Rescue Welcomes You. The bars on the windows are not to keep you out. They are to keep the alligators in."

    I had bars on the doors and windows of an office I once rented. It made me feel like a captive. The previous tenet was a jewelry wholesaler. I still didn't like it.


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