Sunday, 12 December 2010

Record Breaking

How did that happen?
I was just idly thinking of tidying up the sidebar when I noticed that I'd posted 22o times this year.

7 posts in 2006, (but I only started on the 26th December),
218 in 2007
132 in 2008
177 in 2009
220 so far, in 2010

This is, for some undisciplined reason, the most blogposty year so far.
Yet when I looked, I thought I'd been neglecting the blog this year, came very close, a couple of times to ditching it.
And I still don't know what it's about, or how I'd describe it if I had to categorise.

'Blog', it is said, is a contraction of web-log. Maybe once upon a time there were navigators, navigatrices of the interweb, who kept a log "Captain's log, stardate:****. At three-bells in the forenoon watch there was a voltage spike that caused the screen to flicker.
Noonday sights threw up a '404 not found' error. Connectivity good, but graphics loading slowly. Have sent a party to resplice the optic cabling near the street nexus.
All well...........
Argh!!! crew has gone berserk and is hammering on my door..... I will defend myself with the fire-axe, as best I can... if I do not return, pray for me...."

Should I quit?


  1. No!

    You make us smile, keep us going, share grumbles and joy.

  2. just because you're thinking of quitting this blog doesn't mean you can't start over again ... i.e. think pottery-ing ....
    as i'm on my 9th or 10th blog now!!

  3. 220? It didn't seem like it. I always want more of your stuff.

    Category? A personal blog. Not a personal diary or journal like the original weblogs, but not a one-subject-in-a-box either. A blog where you write about anything you feel like writing about. I know another blog like that but the name escapes me. If you HAVE to put a category to your blog, I would say you blog about life. That's not so bad.

    Quit? Only when you no longer feel the urge to comment on life as it passes by.


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