Sunday, 28 November 2010


Temperature 17 miles east, last night, -12 deg C, 10.4degF

Temperature last night at Llysdinam, Wales (170miles), 0 deg F, -17.8 deg C.
The North Pole, at the same time, was -14 deg C.
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  1. Here in the Great White North I have seen nary a flake yet.

  2. I'm not too far from there with a car that the Oily One was requested to service a month ago.....waiting for a garage to defrost it!! There was antifreeze in the rad...but possibly not enough for these temperatures. Fingers crossed.....

  3. Nag: You're a long way south of us. About ten degrees of latitude. Head up the map to Hudson Bay. Find Akimiski Island... Look slightly north and east to find Grey Goose Island. That's about my current latitude, about umm wait... I cheated and looked it up. Ten degrees, about 690 miles.

    But, to be fair, our climate is far gentler than its equivalent latitude in Hudson Bay gets.
    This is fierce for november, more like february weather. Not a lot of snow yet, right here, more on my side of town than at work, but thirty miles away it's knee high, more expected tomorrow.

  4. gz; Beat the oily one about the head with a frozen cabbage.

    I'm keeping fingers crossed that you've escaped costly damage.

    Any garage should have a hydrometer which shows the antifreeze strength. If in doubt, drain it and fill with a 50% antifreeze mix.

    I think you can keep your engine warm by imprisoning cats around it.
    Actually... When the Land Rover Defender came into existence, a number of people had nasty experiences with screeching noises shortly after starting up. These nasty noises often prompted a garage visit. On lifting the hood, a greasy, angry, and partly scalped cat would erupt.
    This is because the cowl around the radiator provided a deep warm recess, perfect for a kitty to clamber up into for a snooze.
    Unfortunately, if kitty was still drowsing when it started up again, the way out was blocked by a spinning fan. By the time the vehicle stopped, the cat, if still alive, would be in a filthy mood, (many died). Sufficient to cause Land-Rover to modify the radiator cowl and offer a cat-guard.

  5. The garage is still on the job, but you can't rush it as you know.
    They are hoping there will be no damage so they can just drain it and re-fill properly.
    I'm just hoping I wont miss Mountain Man's birthday on Friday then two christmas fairs on the weekend-a good chance of sales so that I can get more gas!
    The one good thing about being stuck here is that The Oily One and The Carpenter have to fend for themselves.

  6. car now runs and has been topped up with antifreeze...but would you believe it, the lift is stuck down with a car on it, wont go up....and they can't get my car out from behind it until that is sorted!!!!!


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