Monday, 29 November 2010

" Because it's Cold " is No Excuse...

In this case, the job had been planned for a while. New heating/air-con for the office, and because the contractors were pushed for time, or didn't like heights, or something, and didn't want to take the old outdoor units down, or fix the structure for the new ones, I apparently volunteered to do it. Amazing the number of things I volunteer for without being aware of them. So this morning, first job was a bit of snow clearing and gritting, by which time the big green thing was warmed up and ready to go.
The new units are lower down because um. because the fitters don't like ladders. Or green things.
Bare hands on aluminium ladders, that sucks the warmth from your bones on a minus degrees morning. But I never got the hang of doing stuff with nuts and bolts and wrenches with gloves on.

Ladder and platform? Well, our driver had to go away and do something else, so the ladder was the vital pathway for delivery of hot tea and more cutting blades.

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  1. hi soub, i got cold just reading about it.

  2. Gary, Jim, Cold and colderer, we abandoned ship at midday today, mostly because our office people, who sit all day in a nice warm office, with hot drinks, a kitchen for snacking, carpet under their dry little toes, decided the hardship was too great for them, and announced that because the roads were in chaos and worse was forecast, they were going home.
    We, the workers, who'd been out in it, shovelling snow and salting roadways since shortly after six a.m., with cold hands and soaked footwear, said... "Okay".. and decided to go home too.
    It took me two hours to do seven miles.

    Adullamite: don't be silly. It was tied securely at the foot, and also at the top. Those HSE fellas would have been impressed and photographed it as an example of good practice.

    Better practice, of course, is to hire a skylift with controls at both top and bottom.


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