Sunday, 8 August 2010

One for the Pencil-Loving Mule!

Imagine how many of those Derwent Watercolour pencils are inside this trailer!
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  1. I'm trying to imagine. :)

    I never seem to think of things like that. That's why I can't write fiction, they tell me.

  2. I sympathise with you. In my fictional role, I can surmise that a 40ft trailer carries ooh... lots and lots of pencils, huge mounds of them, spiky glories of them cedar-scented, in all those millions of colours my laptop screen claims to be able to display.

    But you, in a non-fiction role, would have to phone the company, give the truck's number and time, check out its bill of lading, check whether it's dropped all its cargo and is returning empty...

    oh no. fiction and imagining is so much easier. I'll stick to that.

    (Let me just say, if she'd seen that truck, she'd have pursued it, murmuring "pencils, pencils.....")

  3. Harness me up - I'm diving in!

    utter fantabulousness!


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