Saturday, 14 August 2010

Comment Spam.

I've been getting some odd comments, on older posts, they're like comment-spam, but seem not to contain links of any sort. The poster is anonymous, obviously english is not anon's first language, and usually the comment seems to have little relevance to the post.
Consequently, I've enabled moderation for older posts, and I'm reporting as spam, then erasing anything that doesn't look like a bona-fide comment.
I like people to identify themselves in some way, comments made as "Anonymous" are likely to be summarily executed.


  1. i'm just looking for a bit of cheese or crumb of toast ...

  2. I'm here for the tractor porn!

  3. It was is good post to be thinkign. Mostly remarkable.

    I have squid.

  4. Oh, right, that's it, always the easy answer, blame the poor old mice.
    well, look out, pal, the mouse shall arise again!

  5. Hmmm. I don't mind identifying myself because I've hijacked some dorky dog's avatar.

    You have more than the normal amount of comments, and no one could ever tell who they are from.

    Why have you removed the usual comments on throwing pottery around?

    This is really a hard post to comment on. I feel there is some hidden meaning I'm not getting.


    I've signed you up for an encyclopedia sales course and a Mormon visitation.

    God bless.

  6. Congratulations! You are winner of $4.2 million in first ever Bohemian Lottery. Send self-addressed stamped envelope and $2 for shipping and handling to:

    Bohemian Lottery Winner
    P.O. Box 4408
    Bohemia, Bohemia

    your offer will expire.

  7. Good Grief!
    I should have known what would happen...
    Cheese, crumbs, tractors, chinesish porn, squid, 吳許芝蓮佩儒 , confederate mouses, and Bohemian lotteries.



Spam will be reported and swiftly deleted. I will put a curse upon you if you post spam links.