Friday, 19 February 2010

Yay!!!!! Stop Press!!! Momentous Day!

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  1. ohhhhhh happy happy day !!!!!! congrats honey bunny !!!


  2. that looks remarkably similar to a functioning clay baker

  3. HUZZAH!
    I'm very happy for you!!!

  4. Hurrah! I'm really pleased for you Soub, that's brilliant. Should take you half an hour to fill that one then based on old standards! Wish you lived a little closer would like to pop round and see you some time. Really enjoying your posts at the moment there's an air of excitment in them all. Can't wait to see the first shiny new ones, happy potting. :)

  5. Whoa. A heavy-duty industrial clothes washer, complete with automatic detergent supply. Drain all the water out of it and I'll bet you could fire clay stuff in that thing!

    What the heck are you up to now? I've completely lost touch.

  6. RDG: oh happy day indeedy!!!!
    GZ: it's been a long, long process, I'm still getting there.
    Jim! A functioning clay-baker? Are you sure? Because, inside, it has round shelves that look so very much as though they're meant for pizzas. I think I should test both modes.
    Trollop23: Huzzah? is that a steampunk cheer? of the Napoleonic era? I see massed crowds throwing their top-hats and bonnets in the air, thank you, I think you're right, some sort of launching ceremony may be required.
    Matt: Bisque firing will be trauma enough after all this time. I haven't got any glazes yet, Will buy some ready-mades to start with, before going back into my old recipe books and grubby notepads. Kilnshelves I'm short of too.
    batt wash.... I'll need batt wash... Must make a shopping list.
    The old regime is gone. Production will be leisurely.
    Relax Max: I'm being creative! that's the plan. But the kiln controller started off registering minus one degree. So the work environment is not altogether conducive yet.

  7. I'm thinking it will hold a small child...
    "Ma, she's got one in the oven!"
    Just kidding. :)

    I imagine something spectacular will pop out of there.
    Maybe, you'll show us?

  8. I'm sitting here with my kiln packed with shelves and bits of HTI for a test firing.

    Never fired a gas kiln alone.

    I remember when I was 12 my mother told me to go and use the gas cooker for the first time......I couldn't, despite her shouting at me and giving me a clip round the ear. I just wanted to be with someone and be talked through it.....
    grandmother helped me quietly then.
    No-one else here now.
    I'm not feeling very brave

  9. gz:I know how you feel! I'm convinced I'll do something stupid when I fire mine.
    Gas has the added fun of trying to keep a neutral or slightly oxidising atmosphere most of the way.
    I always plotted graphs as I went, and filed them too, noting every setting, damper position, secondary air etc, it didn't stop me from being able to do it wrong, but it helped me in not repeating mistakes.
    Plenty of tea helps!
    Good luck, how it goes please?

  10. Mel Brown is coming over Friday, all being well, and we will fire it together.
    Will report on my blog!!


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