Monday, 22 February 2010

Those Were the Days.. Donkey Days?


  1. I admire the consistency with the hair and shoes.. .

  2. It starts in the cradle, Descartes..

  3. send that poor donkey to me ... the mule's got a stall full of hay and warm blankies to provide .... the dog can come too, btw.


  4. You know, Red Dirt Girl, watching this gave me an insight into the nativity. I learned, as a child, the story of Mary and Joseph being turned away at the inns in Bethlehem, and it occurred to me on watching this, that Holiday Inn might just turn modern day travellers away if they needed a room for two plus a donkey, with a birthing suite.

    If only Joe had gone to the palestininan internet, and typed in his requirements. I'll bet there was a dotel. (motels, in the days when donkeys preceded 'motors', were dotels)

  5. hilarious video... the dr. suess coiffures and the x'ed out "no donkeys allowed" sign make it


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