Thursday, 11 February 2010

Google Buzz-Do not Want!

On the ninth of february, Google launched something called Google Buzz. It arrived quietly enough. What's that, I wondered, looking at the new label in my Gmail page.
It seems it's a social networking tool. Oh. Great.

Read it..,. Found the button at the bottom of the page "Turn off Buzz"* Click! gone.

* Oh, and Google? Shouldn't that be "Turn Buzz Off", Not "Turn Off Buzz"?

Why don't I want it? Firstly, because I don't do twitter or facebook, or myspace,  If I want to communicate I can write an email, or pick up the phone, or go visit, I have used google chat, but my status is set to invisible. I did away with MSN messenger.
I find it disconcerting that Google told me a heap of people were "following" me. I've been looking over my shoulder all day, but every time I do it, they dive into dooways or behind parked cars. The most I see is a glimmer of movement.
Google then made a suggestion of a list of people I might like to "Follow" or might want to invite to join my followers. Some were friends, though rarely contacted, others were strangers. I did not like the idea that Google was proferring me in the same way, to people who might have to scratch their heads for a while before figuring out who I am.

I like my privacy, I enjoy solitude. I like reading emails.
I don't need twitter-like garbage in my inbox.

I would have appreciated it if Google had spent a little more effort on trying to explain to me why this was a good thing. They could try now. So far I see it as a bad thing, as something to be ruthlessly deleted.


  1. For some, as of yet, unexplained reason, Google shut my gmail account down.
    It's weird. I hardly used the darn thing anyway. Luckily, I had a backup email (or two), and not much I really miss saved there.
    But, a few contacts are gone forever, it seems. I can't be expected to remember that stuff can I?

  2. I got a message tonight asking if I was interested in Google buzz...I was not. Like you I don't do twitter or facebook, or myspace. I don't even get why anyone would want to twitter? I dislike texting, too. So I never answer them.
    Gmail is a good email though. No Spam ever & their chat functions are nice.


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