Thursday, 17 December 2009

More Shots of Asses in Fancy Pyjamas

I only gave the post that title because I knew it would get all the wrong search hits....
One of my most visited posts by distant strangers was a photo of farm tractor collectors magazines in a window. I titled it "Tractor Porn". You'd be amazed at how many people, every day, search Google for "Tractor Porn"..... Okay, guys, sorry. I'm just search-engine baiting, and it's cruel. Of course, if you're reading this blog in an educational establishment, you'll probably find it blocked on the grounds of it containing words like nipples. I find that lubricating my drive shafts, and also my ball-joints, (oh yes, I have jointed balls, in my steering linkages).. lubricating those things is greatly facilitated by having grease-nipples, onto which the ball and socket end of my Tecalemit high pressure grease-gun clamp, I pump the handle, the connection stiffens, and lube squeezes out of the gun, slithers greasily across those shiny mating surfaces.

Where was I? Oh yes. Max commented in the previous post, and seemed to doubt the veracity of my zebra-drawn carriage picture.
These pics are to show that it was not a one-off.
Some neat Zorses on the last pic, or are they Zonkeys? or Mebras, or Zules?

This guy looks a bit shifty. I wouldn't trust him with my sister.

But But... what was in FRONT of the zebras?

Zonkeys? Zules? Neat PJs, guys.
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