Sunday, 26 October 2008

This Door is Alarmed

I thought it only looked a little nervous.

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  1. As an old English major, I enjoyed this picture. Is it ok if I blog the door photo in TYWKIWDBI? (I'll give you credit with a hyperlink to Grit)


  2. You are welcome to use the picture. For what it's worth, it's a door in a pub called The Whitakers Arms in Otley, Yorkshire, in northern England. But I see these signs everywhere. Like at the checkouts in the local superstore... yep, nervous checkouts, trembling exits. Try not to make any sudden moves... guard your facial expression, show no teeth. Who knows what might happen?!
    I'll bet you wonder if "Wet Paint" is an instruction or a request too.
    I keep trying to goad the police into stopping me on my route through town..... when I comply with the sign that says "Use Both Lanes".
    Maybe if I thought about this stuff more I'd be able to put together a blog post.

    Thanks for asking. I confess I pirate a lot of pics, forget where I found them, but that one was my own.

  3. Blogged. And thank you. I have a whole category in my blog for "English language," which sometimes entails explaining British English to Americans.

    I linked to your main page rather than to this subpage; perhaps if any traffic comes they will explore your interesting blog...


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