Sunday, 26 October 2008

Levitating Kayaks

This one's for Dave.

It's a Flyak, from Norway's

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  1. So much for a slow, peaceful paddle in the lake. I wonder what that dude's stroke rate is to keep it planing. I'm positive I could maintain that pace for at least ten seconds, just have that defibrillator handy! I'm not seeing the second and third pic. I'll check back.

    Thanks, Soub!

  2. Say, I haven't been having good luck posting comments over here using my blogger account so I'm trying the anon-emouse thing.


  3. We have lift-off!
    you know in Davy's pewrfect world the Streams run in they have anything like that over there?
    Hi Souby!

  4. Well there's streams and streams...
    Hm. Circular ones? Nope. We do have some crazy water places, no circular streams though... OHHH YES!!! Corrievreckan!

    "The Corrievreckan is the largest whirlpool in European waters, situated between the islands of Jura and Scarba off the west coast of Scotland. The whirlpool forms around a submerged rock stack between the islands. Beside this is a great, narrow pit known as the Gateway to Hell which descends more than 300 feet below the surrounding seabed to an overall depth of 700 feet.

    The whirlpool runs in fullest spate from the autumn equinox through to Samhain. At this time, the water runs at about 10 knots (approximately 11½ miles an hour) and the sides can reach a height of thirty feet above surrounding sea level. The roar of water can be heard at Dunadd, which is ten miles away on the mainland.
    The wind that carries the sound is still known locally as 'The Breath of the Goddess'. On the Island of Mull, children who misbehave are told that 'naughty children are sent to The Corrievreckan'!"

  5. Anonymous Dave: I have to confess that the guy in the pic is an olympic paddler.
    But the key thing to know is that once the Flyak rises out of the water the effort is halved. Or for the same effort, you get twice the speed!


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