Monday, 22 September 2008

Which of these three is the donkey?

This appears on the Flickr stream of "Make Some Noise"

Beneath it are these words:

"Apparently you can´t take donkeys into the bus terminal! HAH! Karin and I just about peed ourselves laughing at this sign while we waited to head out to Incapirca. "

Help me out here. Which of the forbidden items imaged above is a donkey? My bet is on the middle one.... next to the cow.

Speaking as a donkey.............

kthnx bai!
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  1. Souby, there are no wrong answers here, not that I can find.

  2. a goat? a donkey ? a bicycle ? a cow ? a dog ? (what happens if i'm blind ???)

    mr. bullets is correct - no wrong answers to this quiz ..... however, nice to see a donkey do what it does best: roll around on its ass!!!

  3. Ha, Unobservant ones... Did you not notice the first two have horns. Donkeys they have no horns... Therefore the third one is a donqui.


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