Monday, 22 September 2008

I'm trying to get posting again...but writing escapes me.

It's a strange thing. I can write in my head whilst I do other things, I can write whole blogpost length pieces as comments on other people's blogs (sorry), but then... I open up blogger in compose mode and somehow.................. derrrr......... um
blankness attacks me.

So that's why I'm posting other stuff I like. Like this.
Madrugada, "The Kids are on High Street".
This band is from Norway, the track is from their album "The Deep End".

I'd like comments, to see what you think.
The track is available on You-Tube. To my mind, the video detracts from the music, and spoils it. That is a common occurrence with music videos, they overlay some directors images. I'd say, close your eyes and listen, let your mind create its own images.
Then, to digress, as I always do, I'd like to say here "I Hate Disney".
I do.
Because Disney messes with the stories I grew up with, peoples them with disney characters, and soils them forever.
If Disney want to make movies, then let them write their own all new stories, leave the people out of books alone.
Winnie the Pooh, for example, the real Winnie, the book character, is NOTHING like the bumbling idiot portrayed by Disney. Um.. Okay.. Now I'm thinking of another post... Poetry next time.
Maybe some pictures?
We'll see. I might burn out first
Neil Young said "It's better to burn out than it is to fade away... "
Rust never sleeps.

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  1. makes me think of an American band from south Carolina ...the Connells.tThey had a real good album 'Ring" and a song that didn't make top 40 but I think it got some attention.
    called "74-75"

    Hey, in june I did 2 posts, but this last 2 months man I can't stop posting...

  2. i loved disney's The Jungle Book ... and in my college days, Fantasia was always a trip if you know what i mean ! Disney's Jungle Book marked a significant moment in my life (my adoption) - it was the last movie i saw / moment i shared with my biological father before he disappeared from my life .... for over 20 years.

    But talk about loathing ?? how about all the sidebar widgets that keep popping up all over blogdom - all new and improved ..... as though we don't have enough to entertain ourselves with by just reading posts and commenting ??? and don't even get me started on YouTube videos (i categorically refuse to even watch the one below) ..... but that's just me: a red dirt mule.


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