Sunday, 31 August 2008

Post Deleted.

Some of you who have subscribed by feed, may have noticed I put up a post and then deleted it.
Why did I do that?
Because it was about politics. And a person. And I thought better of it. I'll leave politics to the political bloggers.

Did I get any negative comments about it?
Only from me, in my head. It was not a good post, it was not something that I should have written, and I didn't like it.
My inner self policeman glowered at me, and said "You know how to behave better than that, stay out of criticising other people, stay out of things you know nothing about."

If I offended anyone else, I'm sorry for that too.


  1. Maybe using Johnny Cash or Johnny Darrell for a muse these days?
    .... see the tune "One on the right was on the left"

    Quack, Qauck!

  2. i CAN'T BEGIN TO TELL YOU (excuse me) how many times I've almost done that.
    If you have ever read any of my idiot "COMMENTS"...youm should see the ones my better nature did mange to delete.
    I don't mind if I roach my blog, but i hate to think i have inflicted vile ham to anyone elses site!
    Hi souby!

  3. Thanks, guys...Believe me, i write many a post in my head, then my memory deletes it by "accident", or so it claims.
    Who's Johnny Darrel, Duck-man?
    Steve! Mange can be treated... I think you have to paint the infected parts daily with a vile-smelling fluid...
    Truth is, I'm a bit devoid of creativity at the moment, I read all those other blogs, phew, look at you all, writing and creating, there's even a dog out there, um, to be more accurate, in the biological terminology, not the humanoid, a bitch... Hello Lola!
    Even with paws she's cranking out posts, and me with fingers?
    Facing a blank screen....
    it scares me.

  4. Should I say Grrrrrr...... or ARFF ??

    At least get it right: I'm still an immature bitch ....


  5. Johnny Darrell was a songwriter ... wrote "one on the right was on the left" and "Ruby, don't take your love to town".
    "One on the right was on the left" admonishes against mixing politics with folk tunes ...
    Quack, Quack!


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